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Fixed-rate Mortgage

If you always want to pay the same amount

  • From 5 years to 25 years
  • No assessment fees or early termination fee in the event of partial or full early repayment of the capital.
  • Up to 60% of the value1 for 2nd homes

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Variable-Rate Mortgage

Reflects changes in the Euribor interest rate

  • A Euribor-indexed variable interest rate, to which we add a fixed spread.
  • Maximum term 25 years.
  • Up to 60% of the value1 for 2nd homes

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Combined Mortgage

Neither fixed nor variable. The best of both worlds

  • During the first years: a fixed rate and a standard monthly repayment amount. You can choose from: 10, 15 or 20 years. After that it switches to a variable-rate mortgage.
  • Maximum term: 25 years and for a fixed-rate mortgage: 20 years.
  • Up to 60% of the value1 for 2nd homes

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Insurance & Banking products

The peace of mind you're looking for

  • Home insurance
  • Life insurance
  • Health insurance
  • Bank accounts
  • Bank deposits

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Investment property

Looking for a home or investment property in Spain?

  • We offer you selected properties
  • With complete legal support
  • Financial advice

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